Black Fuel - Flagship Blend

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Our original and #1 Most popular coffee

If you want an iconic coffee to begin your Coffees Are Us journey, then the Black Fuel Blend is the coffee for you. This powerful blend uses South American and Robusta beans, and is known for its exceptional crema.

Nutty and Chocolatey Blend, Coffee Are Us Black Fuel Blend

Hints of nut and chocolate are the distinctive characteristics of this strong and bitey blend. It’s a solid performer through all espresso makers and can hit the mark in plungers, too.

This blend is ideal for drinkers who want a reliable all-rounder that they can keep coming back to. For more versatile blends, try our popular Italian Blend or Iron Bull Blend.

Origins:  Ethiopian Brazilian Columbian India-Robusta

Tasting Notes: Nutty.Chocolatey.Bitey